Arby’s Value Investigation

Alright readers, you’ve been biting your nails long enough. I promised a ground breaking post today, so here it is.

If you’re like me, you love Arby’s tender, juicy roast beef sandwiches. Since I’m the only person who reads my blog, I’ll just assume that you are, in fact, very much like me.

I recently decided to investigate Arby’s meat value (cost per ounce) to determine the most cost-effective way to eat Arby’s. I am now sharing this information free of charge to you. Just pay separate processing and handling.

Here’s the scoop in chart format:

Get more value for your money

As you can see from the chart, the best value all around is the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sandwiches. With no extra meat, they cost $.66 per ounce, with 3 oz. extra meat $.50 per ounce and with 5 extra oz., $.44 per ounce. This is the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to Arby’s juicy, delicious, succulent roast beef.

You probably expected that, but let me post the full results and then I’ll get into some things you may not have known. I know I didn’t. Know.

This chart, based on information gathered from Arby’s in Indiana and Illinois, shows the price of each sandwich as well as the cost per ounce of beef. Note that the Junior Roast Beef Sandwich cannot receive 5oz. of extra meat. That number is included on the chart purely for comparative purposes.

Also note that the last two prices listed for regular size require a specific coupon. These are easy to acquire and you’ve no doubt been getting them in the mail already, but if you don’t have one handy, then don’t rely on getting that deal.

So, what can this research teach us about buying Arby’s roast beef?

What this means: The best Roast Beef deal at Arby’s is the buy one get one free with extra, extra meat clearly, but there’s more we can gather as well.1: Never buy the large. For 2.99 + 1.50 you get 8 oz. of beef. The large costs $.49 more for just 7 oz.2: Never buy the medium. For 2.99 + 1.00, you can get 6 oz. of beef. A medium, for the same price is just 5oz.

3: Always bring your buy 1, get 1 coupons. They truly are the best deal in terms of beef. But if you don’t have a buy 1, get 1 coupon, buy the Junior. Excluding coupons, the Junior is the absolute best value for meat even though you can’t buy extra extra meat with it. For 2.19, you get 4.75oz. of beef, more than a regular for .80 less.

Some may argue that because the bun sizes vary with the sandwich sizes that these “best values” aren’t really the best values. They are stupid. Nobody goes to Arby’s to get a bun. If you did you’d just go to Wal-mart and get 8 of them for a dollar. People come to Arby’s for the Roast Beef. Now, when all else is equal, of course you want more bun than less bun, but this issue never arose during my investigation.

You’re welcome.
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3 Responses to Arby’s Value Investigation

  1. kev says:

    This is an awesome run down! I’ll be sure and check out the rest of your blog so you aren’t so lonely.

  2. Randy says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have read this, now I’m thinking Arby’s.

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