Mantenna Man

A shadow clutched the side of a radio tower.  Amidst tumultuous thunder and showers he looks out into the night. He sees what mortal men cannot see. One with the radio waves that pass unbeknownst to the masses, he picks up every frequency. He is Mantenna… Man.

“Dang-it Jeanine! We can’t watch the big game!”

“Well what do you want me to do about it Ted? It’s those rabbit-ears. Try wiggling them some more… Wait, there it is! … was.”

“If we had cable, this wouldn’t be a problem Jeanine. But, noo, ‘Cable’s to expensive,’ but I’ll tell you-”

A gust of cool air and mist from the rain shot into the room through a now-open doorway.

“What the… just one more thing around here that doesn’t work.” Utilizing the opportunity while the door was open, Ted strode out the exit and spat into the night. “What a night. That door had better stay locked this-”

“He runs to the twenty! To the ten! Touchdown!”

“T-t-ted… You better get  back in here!”

Ted rushed through the doorway, propelled twice as fast by the sound of the game as by his wife’s plea. He stopped on the threshold and stared, but not at the television.

With drops of rain still gliding past him into the house, Ted watched speechlessly as a dark, caped figure stood perfectly still next to the TV set; one shadowy arm extended into the air while the other held onto the television. An anguished grimace extended across the shadow’s exposed lower face while his muscles shook with tension.

The shadow pushed the words out of his mouth, continuing to channel the powerful radio waves through force of will only: “Watch… the… game…”

Entirely forgetting to shut the door, Ted slowly walked to his recliner and quietly sat down near his wife. The cold wind and dampening floor went unnoticed by the couple for the full game, eyes glued to the television screen. Over time, they even began to not notice the mysterious man standing by their TV.

And when the game was finished, when the man dropped his arms with a heavy sigh, when he crept out the front door, they only watched in silence. He stopped in the doorway, turned around, maintaining a visage of strength despite the great exertion he had endured.

“The game is finished… but my work will never be. For when your radio gains static… when your television grows fuzzy… I’ll be there. Because you can always depend on… Mantenna… Man.”

With that, and as suddenly as he’d appeared, the mysterious figure was gone. And the television returned to it’s previous state.

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