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Stevan the Barbarian and the Deep Depths Part 1

A rumbling pulse carried through the thick stone walls. Stevan slept, though his eyes remained alert. He was accustomed to the vibrations. Scant light entered the damp dungeon where he lay, and none announced the arrival of morning, but Stevan … Continue reading

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By the Numbers: Playing the lottery

“Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!” you hear the homeless man in front of you exclaim as he digs his final few dollars from his torn up, dirty, holey sneakers. “Why don’t you use that money to buy new … Continue reading

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Back from the dead

Greetings devout readers! I’m back! It’s been months since my last post and you’re no doubt wondering where I’ve been. It’s not important. Suffice it to say that a traffic accident may have occurred near the Mexican border while I … Continue reading

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