Bombing Runs

Dear readers,

It is my great honor to inform you that I’m taking the site you all love and adore, and I am destroying it for my own capitalistic gains.

As many of you (me) know, I have been spending the past year working on a new IOS and Android game that will no doubt become an instant overnight smash-hit that will net me millions of pesos. One of the requirements of any smash hit game is, of course, that it have a website.

To that end (and because I don’t want to pay to host a second website), our beloved blog will become the main page for… “BOMBING RUNS!”

That’s right, readers. The game is called “Bombing Runs” (I added the previously written exclamation point for effect. It is not part of the title). It is about bombing, running, and stuff. What fun, dear readers. What fun.

But don’t worry, You’ll still be able to enjoy all of my semi-annual blog posts just as you always did. By not reading them.

Thank you for your valued time. And please go spend money on my free app.

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